Prathi Roju Pandage Full Movie Download, Songs, And Lyrics

Prathi Roju Pandage Full Movie Download, Songs, And Lyrics

Sai Dharam Tej and Rashi Khanna’s Latest Blockbuster Movie Prathi Roju Pandage, the Movie directed through Maruthi and produced via Geetha Arts. Satya Raj, Rao Ramesh, and Hari Teja played by using helping roles. Thaman composed the tune for the film. The film revolves around the tale of Grandfather and Grandson’s relation in the joint circle of relatives bonds. Here in this article, you will get the entire info of Prathi Roju Pandage Full Movie Download and additionally get lyrical songs here.

Prathi Roju Pandage Movie Review

Director and writer Maruti has penned every frame so emotional and heart touching especially in emotional episodes. And he used his comedy timing perfectly embedded in every single time though out.. Actually the real inner feeling of today’s generation was showcased as it is on screen.. Some may think it’s not that Son’s are like that but actually Maruti is absolutely right in saying so. This movie is shere slap on the face to the current generation. Those days with 10s of children they used to live happily with very little money and we are all now what we are with their values. But slowly those relations nd values are depleting badly and will disappear for sure after one or two. Best movie of recent times. And it should be watched repeatedly and should be shown to kids when you are negative about parents and your children.

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Oo Baava Song Lyrics in English

Oo Baava Song Lyrics from the movie Prati Roju Pandaage is directed by Maruthi, starring Sai Tej, Raashi Khanna, Music by Thaman S, Lyrics by KK. Sung by Satya Yamini, Mohana Bhogaraju, Hari Teja.

Love You antu venta padaledhu..
dating anna maatasale raadhu…
he is so cool…
he is so cute..
fake anipinche typasalu kaadhu..
break up cheppe veelasalu ledhu.
he is so cute
yemi takkuvanta chudu.
tippu taapu gunnadu..
tikkutaakulona chusi fattayyadu..
wanna see you antu..
seven seas dhativachadu..
land ayyiavvagane..
band yenta thechinadu..
nee hand ivvamantu..
knees bend chesi
will you marry me
Ooo bava
maaakkani sakkaga susthavaa..
Ooo bava
eesukkani pelladesthavaa

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