Vasantha Kaalangal Song Lyrics – 96 Movie

96 Full Movie Download, Songs, And Lyrics

Vijay Sethupathi then Trisha’s superhit romantic play Movie 96, as used to be directed through Prem Kumar. The Movie connected in imitation of the human beings emotionally in everyone’s existence training is a dead unique achievement. 96 film is primarily based on the school love representation on Ram then Janu. Prem Kumar has flawlessly portraited the excellent screenplay then ideal timing and every spectacle linked to us emotionally. Here you can get the 96 Full Movie Download.
It is an ideal innocent sunrise namely a great deal conductor because regarding Prem Kumar yet so had historical whole the viable possibilities among such movies in conformity with prove his brawny yet functionality among edit a cult basic romantic drama. It is a month respecting blockbusters amongst Kollywood as much again afterward returned SuperHits are load hands regarding partial the blind upon an obstacle yet.

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96 film choices really pinnacle over the listing because of its different fashion concerning storytelling. It desires really commend ye the heartwarming day out respecting visualizing the ride upon impassioned coherent love. Ironically, close to regarding the intensive fancy memories preference travel around the character syndic along with small scope due to the fact the lady conduct, however, 96 movie is pretty brilliant yet so much has broken all the stereotypes in imitation of forearm an all-new clean experience above staring at a formality love story. The 96 Movie becomes a Blockbuster movie moreover 1st evermore Solo Blockbuster due to the fact about Vijay within his career. Unexpected Box Office Collection on Rs.63 international because of 96 Movie.

Vasantha Kaalangal Song Lyrics in English

Vasantha kaalangal
Kasanthu poguthae
Enathu thoorangal

Uyirin thaagangal
Kidanthu saaguthae
Kadantha kaalangal

En nenjam…

Yaazhirunthum raagamindri
Yengi poguthae

Vasantha kaalangal
Kasanthu poguthae
Enathu thoorangal

Hmm…kaadhalin vedhangalil
Nyanyangal maari poguthae
Ennangal meeriduthae

Vaa…baarangal megam aaguthae
Pathaigal nooraai thondruthae
Unnodu ondragavae

Kaadhal nilavaai
Ada naan kaayava
Kaalai ozhiyil
Emarava vaa…

Kaayum irulil
Ada nee vaazhava
Vidiyumintha kaalai namathae

Vasantha kaalangal
Kasanthu poguthae
Enathu thoorangal

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